Considered a human’s best friend, dogs are known for being loyal, dependable and affectionate. Even though they come in all types of breeds, sizes and personalities, there’s one thing that all dogs have in common: They poop. A lot.

If you have a furry friend, chances are you spend a significant amount of time cleaning up their “business” on your daily walks or during outdoor playtime. While you may resort to using a regular plastic bag or a pooper scooper, enlisting the help of a bag made specifically for dog poop can make a huge difference in your pet cleanup routine. Plastic Self Adhesive Bag

The Dog Poop Bags And Dispensers That Pet Parents Use | HuffPost Life

These bags are typically thicker, easy to open and seal and often come in scented options to keep smelly odors at bay. And if you’re eco-conscious, some dog poop bags are made of compostable, recycled, plant-based or biodegradable materials so you can feel better about using them.

But the best part about dog poop bags is that many of them come in rolls that fit conveniently in dispensers that attach to your leash you can take on the go.

Below, we rounded up the best dog poop bags you can buy online, according to enthusiastic pet parent reviews.

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The Dog Poop Bags And Dispensers That Pet Parents Use | HuffPost Life

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